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My Story

Subtle body energy healing is a tradition that transcends and heals all, from the inside out. As a trauma-informed energy mover, I wish to help clients to clear out their systems and encourage homeostasis and healing at a deep cellular level through aiding and guiding movement of their own body energies. I'm pleased to offer Reiki, Cranial-Sacral therapy and Shamanic healing techniques to bring your body to a higher level of balance and clarity. All of these modalities generally leave the client feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, clear and bright in mind, body and heart.

Energy work is helpful in relief of symptoms of auto-immune disease, digestive issues, nervous system challenges, acute and chronic pain, emotional challenges, trauma of all kinds, and more. If you are interested in energy work, but aren't sure where to begin, contact Lyndsay.

Yes, gift certificates available!

Lyndsay Bahn holds attunements with direct lineages to their original Masters and brings the clarity, devotion, wisdom and power of her seeking journey, meditation and yoga practices to offer a whole-body understanding of healing, from the gross to the subtle. In healing herself, she has realized the potential to aiding in the healing of others. In her sessions, she calls in her own mediumship guides, as well as ascended healing masters to aid in her work. Offering specific and intuitive energy healing sessions based upon the acute needs of each client each session. Your session may include elements of various modalities, or you can choose a full session of any specific modality if you wish.

Reiki Treatment

My Approach

As a trauma-informed yogi, mother, human behaviorist, trauma healing facilitator, coach and channeler of healing energy, I am astute in my perceptive ability to help you heal. Using the many tools in my tool belt, I discern hand placement, use of various energy modalities and Shamanic tools and overall treatment for each client, each session. 


Physically grounded in a daily yoga asana practice for over 17 years, energetically grounded in a daily meditation practice of over 9 years and emotionally grounded through over 5 years of intensive healing therapies on my own system, I carry the strength, grace and experience to bring healing to you, too.

As our bodies respond to the world around us, as well as through our experiences throughout our lives, it is important to receive deep energetic cleansing and restoration when healing from life's woes. 


I am here to be a channel for healing, allowing unconditional love to flow like sweet water through your body, gently cleansing and washing away of both physiological and energetic blockages in the mind and body.  

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